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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Gynecomastia.Org the Best Resourse

Gynecomastia.Org the Best Resourse

San Jose, California - Gynecomastia is "female-like" breast on a male.  Approximately one-third of the male population has gynecomastia.  This condition can start in adolescence and follow a man throughout his life.  Some cases will resolve during the early years of puberty while other cases may worsen and can require surgery. 

The Internet has given us the opportunity to investigate, educate, and seek out options for the treatment of gynecomastia. Often an embarrassing condition, it is now considered one of the characteristics of puberty.  Recently the worldwide media has produced several highly informative educational programs about gynecomastia.    These programs have helped to demystify gynecomastia and help men and boys who have the condition realize they are not alone.  There is no shame in gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia.Org has Doctor Forums is a website that was started in 1996 to help men and boys living with gynecomastia.  Today, we continue to dedicate our site to these people by providing them the resources they need to educate themselves and find treatment for gynecomastia.  

You will find everything within its contents to help you understand gynecomastia: the message boards will give you the freedom to express yourself and read about other men’s stories, the educational tabs will give you information and provide you with many resource options, while the medical specialists in the “Find A Surgeon” tab are all board certified plastic surgeons and are there if you decide that surgery is the right option for you. is your resource guide to gynecomastia.

Miguel Delgado MD is a world renown gynecomastia surgeon.  Please call today 415-898-4161 or email for a virtual consultation.  Visit Dr. Delgado's Official Website for more information.