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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Gynecomastia Surgery filmed by the BBC - San Jose, California

Merle Yost Gynecomastia Surgery | San Jose, CA

The is the story of Merle who developed the website in the early years.  This is his story of his journey and know a revision surgery with Miguel Delgado, M.D.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Gynecomastia review sites for gynecomastia surgery

Read Reviews to Select Your Gynecomastia Surgeon

★★★★★ Ratings: 4.74 -118 Reviews

It is one thing to decide to have gynecomastia surgery, but it is another thing to find the right surgeon! Women are more likely to network with each other, and they easily share opinions on hairdressers, diets, restaurants, and, of course, plastic surgeons…men, not so much. So how do men go about finding the right gynecomastia specialist?

Today with the internet it is much easier to find information on almost any subject. In the search for a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, multiple names will come up for all major cities. Plastic surgeon’s websites give a lot of valuable information about each procedure the surgeon performs and most will have galleries of before and after pictures. Before and after pictures help tremendously in seeing the type of work the surgeon does, but you probably won’t get unbiased information about the office staff and the surgeon.

Miguel Delgado, M.D. recommends that once you have found 2 or 3 surgeons that have good before and after pictures, go to a “ratings” site to see what kind of reviews these surgeons have. There are multiple sites that people can put in their personal reviews as to their experience. Everything is rated these days, from plumbers to restaurants, hotels, attorneys, almost any type of business you can think of, and, of course, plastic surgeons. 

gynecomastia san jose
Vitals review site.

Some of the most popular rating sites are:


Most review sites use a star type grading system, with the more stars, the better the rating. Many have a comment section where people can write about their experience, both good and bad. In addition to their comments, some have you rate the surgeon on such topics as:
1.      Ease of making appointment
2.      Did you have to wait long to see the doctor?
3.      Is the office staff friendly?
4.      Did the doctor answer all your questions?
5.      Were you happy with your surgical results?
6.      Would you recommend this surgeon to family/friends?

Getting all of these opinions before you make an appointment can be very valuable, and remember you are encouraged to leave a review too. It is important to note that almost all surgeons may get one or two bad reviews, don’t let that be the deciding factor, some people are never satisfied. It is better to look at the overall reviews and choose one with 4 stars or more.

Another very valuable website is This website was designed by a psychologist who also suffered from gynecomastia and saw a need for more information to be made available. Launched in 1999, remains the number one website in the world for information about gynecomastia. In addition to a directory of gynecomastia specialists, the website has active forums where men participate in sharing stories of their dealings with male breasts. If they have had surgery they share what it was like, what they thought of their surgeon and advice they have for men with the same condition.

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