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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Gynecomastia Surgery National Statistics for 2015

2015 Statistics From The American Society of Plastic Surgeons Reported

Once a year, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) publishes the surgical statistics of their 7,000 Board Certified members. The statistics reflect an increase of 2% in 2015 from the previous year for both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. The data reveals trends in surgery.

15.9 million surgical and non-surgical procedures were performed in 2015. Many cosmetic procedures showed an increase from 2014, such as 5% for liposuction, 9% for tummy tucks, and 5% for male breast reduction (gynecomastia). Overall breast reduction cases numbered at 68,106 with 40% of the procedures being for men!

Gynecomastia specialist, Dr. Miguel Delgado, M.D. notes that his gynecomastia cases increase each year.

 Dr. Delgado attributes the increase to the acceptance of cosmetic surgery for men. Not long ago men felt very uncomfortable even acknowledging their enlarged male breasts to others and themselves. Having enlarged male breasts caused a lot of humiliation and shame for many men.

Fortunately, with extensive coverage of gynecomastia through various media outlets, mostly the internet, men have come to accept the fact that a high percentage of men suffer from the same condition and are more likely than ever to seek resolution.

One of the most popular websites for information is

The site offers forums where questions can be asked to member surgeons and chat rooms for sufferers of gynecomastia. Additionally, there is a directory by state, of Board Certified Plastic Surgeons who specialize in male breast reduction. Many of the surgeons have posted before and after pictures of their patients. Educational videos are available for viewing, of which many of which by Dr. Delgado.

For more information about gynecomastia surgery, call or email today for a consultation with Miguel Delgado, M.D.

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