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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Gynecomastia Stories on Goggle

I Want to Get This Off My Chest! Gynecomastia Stories 

A Google search for “gynecomastia personal stories,” will show that many men are willing to share how having female type breasts affected their lives and how they got rid of them. This is very commendable as most men are very private and do not like to discuss any type of cosmetic surgery. However, their desire to help their brethren apparently overrides their hesitation to share such personal information, and for this Dr. Miguel Delgado, M.D. says we are grateful.

In one posting a man shared the fact that exercise and weight loss did not reduce his man boobs. In fact, when he lost weight they seemed to be more pronounced! He was very uncomfortable to contact a surgeon to discuss his options, but he was so frustrated he finally made the call and is so happy that he did. He was surprised at how sensitive the doctor and staff were to his condition and it gave him the courage to go ahead with surgery. He was so encouraged by his results that he wanted to share his story with other men and even posted before and after pictures. You can read all of his experience here.

Another posting reveals a man who admits to severe depression and anxiety that his male breasts caused. He chose to sit in front of a computer all day instead of partaking in activities that might require removing his shirt, such as going to a pool or the beach. For nine years he suffered from this condition. He then started researching gynecomastia and documented all the data he collected which he shares in his article along with how he finally overcame his reluctance and went ahead with surgery. See his story here. is known as the “Web’s Best Resource for Information.” In addition to multiple first-hand stories posted by members, the site offers forums where men can have dialogs and ask questions of each other and member gynecomastia specialists. Additionally, the site offers before and after pictures of gynecomastia patients, videos, and a directory listing gynecomastia specialists listed by state.

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