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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Performance Enhancing Drugs and Gynecomastia

Body Builder's and Gynecomastia

Body builder’s treatment for gynecomastia will be different than for other men due to their lack of fat and excess skin. They do have a higher risk of bleeding complications because their chest muscles are highly developed which allow for an increase in blood flow. They will be warned to stop taking products that contain fish oil, vitamin E and some protein shakes that have blood thinners to avoid bleeding issues.

It is not possible to determine who will develop gynecomastia, but for body builders that had adolescent gynecomastia, their risk is higher.

Some men will do anything to make more muscle mass, even if it shortens their life span. It is against the law for body building purposes, but many take anabolic steroids, knowing there are risks and many side effects. One of the main side effects is the development of female type breasts. In order to counteract the additional estrogen, sometimes estrogen blockers such as Tamoxifen is taken. However, Tamoxifen is a treatment for breast cancer and also is not allowed to be prescribed for body building purposes. Due to its popularity, men can find ways of obtaining these drugs online and through social media.

Anabolic steroids have other side effects besides the development of breasts such as; painful erections, a decrease in sperm count, impotence and infertility. Tamoxifen also has many unwanted side effects including; vomiting, numbness, hot flashes, leg cramps, blurred vision, thinning hair, skin rashes, cataracts, and depression.

It is not unusual for competitive body builders to request to have all of their breast tissue removed so that they can continue with steroids without the possibility of breast regrowth.

Dr. Miguel Delgado, M.D. states that some breast tissue needs to remain in order to get a natural contour to the chest. Dr. Delgado advises his body building patients to stop performance enhancing drugs and enjoy a healthy life with an attractive male chest.

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