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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Liposuction is not a Solution for Gynecomastia

Before and After Gynecomastia Surgery

The ratio of fat to breast tissue for men with gynecomastia can vary greatly. Each patient needs to be evaluated for a personal approach to treatment.

Many surgeons treat gynecomastia with liposuction alone claiming that the breast tissue can be removed, in addition to the fat. Unfortunately, many of the patients will have to have revision surgery to remove the breast tissue that liposuction failed to remove. There are many liposuction machines available today. However, there is not an energy device that can eradicate breast tissue. More than 80% of men with gynecomastia have both breast tissue and fat. The only way to remove breast tissue and give the appropriate contours to the chest is by surgical excision along with liposuction.

There is an exception for “liposuction only,” and is the patient with pseudogynecomastia. Pseudogynecomastia is where the patient has male breasts that consist of fat only. In this case, liposuction or even “CoolSculpting” can be an effective treatment. But “true” gynecomastia consists of varying ratios of fat and breast tissue.

If liposuction is the only treatment for a man with “true” gynecomastia, the breast tissue will be left behind. Without the extra “padding” of fat, the remaining breast tissue pushes the nipples out giving a condition referred to as “puffy nipples.” The nipples will look even more pronounced than before surgery. You can see many complaints about this condition on and; unfortunately, the only resolution will be gynecomastia revision surgery.

More than 40% of Dr. Miguel Delgado, M.D.’s gynecomastia practice is patients that need revision surgery after having surgery by another surgeon. Usually, the revision is for “puffy nipples” or some for “crater deformity” where too much fat and/or tissue have been removed.

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